About Solar Trust of America, LLC

Solar Trust of America, LLC, an integrated industrial solar solutions company, is reshaping the energy landscape in the United States using in-house, commercially viable and proven parabolic trough solar thermal energy technology. Together with its global business partners Solar Millennium AG and MAN Ferrostaal AG, the newly formed company is the first solar industry consolidator and integrator that provides a complete concentrated solar power (CSP) solution for the design, financing, construction, operation and management of utility-size solar thermal power plants in the southwestern United States.

With the acquisition of industry technology leader Solar Millennium, LLC and its experienced solar project development team, Solar Trust of America is ideally positioned to build on the success of Solar Millennium's June 17, 2009 announcement of the signing of power purchase agreements with Southern California Edison. The company currently has multiple solar thermal power plants in advanced stages of development in the region encompassing California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

Company Leadership

Solar Trust of America is led by Uwe T. Schmidt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, who brings decades of corporate management experience in the energy, steel supply chain and financing industries to his position with the company. He is joined by his colleague and company President and Chief Operating Officer, Josef Eichhammer, who brings significant experience in the concentrated solar power (CSP) industry to his role with the company. Together with their executive management team and global business partners, Solar Trust has established through its integrated business model the benchmark for the realization of utility-size (250 megawatt) solar thermal power plants in the United States.

Solar Trust 's Integrated Business Model

The company employs a best-in-class integrated business model that seamlessly combines its business partners' Project Development, Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC), Solar Power technology expertise, Supply Chain Management skills, Plant Operations and Maintenance, ready access to large scale project financing and equity participation on each solar thermal power plant project.

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Solar Trust 's Unique Competitive Advantage

Through Solar Trust of America's integrated business model, the company is able to achieve significant efficiencies due to their combined experience with thousands of completed, large-scale industrial projects around the world. As a result the company has the expertise to clearly differentiate itself through a number of critical factors including:

  • exclusive access to proven, in-house concentrated solar power technology;
  • cutting edge solar collector component design and technology;
  • unique approach to site selection and clustering of thermal power plant locations;
  • in-house steel procurement, distribution and supply chain management expertise;
  • in-house sequencing, kitting and component assembly know-how;
  • global project logistics expertise;
  • In-house project engineering capabilities for solar field, power block and balance of plant;
  • global project financing expertise; and
  • equity participation and post-construction project management.

Solar Trust was specifically created to deliver critical renewable energy to power America's future energy requirements, thereby reducing its dependence on fossil fuels and imported energy. The company fully embraces U.S. federal and state government policies and initiatives to provide infrastructure investments, job creation and supplier opportunities in the renewable energy field.

Each of Solar Trust's plants will include investments of more than $1 billion, employ more than 800 skilled workers during the initial construction phase, and create approximately 100 permanent jobs for operations, maintenance and management employees. In addition, each plant is expected to indirectly create thousands of additional jobs as Solar Trust of America procures materials, goods and services for each facility in the U.S. Solar Trust expects to generate sustainable revenue throughout the value chain by developing, constructing and operating the plants, while helping the southwestern U.S. region meet its renewable energy goals and stimulating its economies.

Over the coming weeks and months you can expect to learn more about Solar Trust's ambitious plans to reshape the U.S. solar power energy marketplace with exciting announcements about new power purchase agreements, new business relationships and promising opportunities for the future.

Solar Trust of America – Powering America's Future.

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