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Solar Trust of America, LLC is an integrated solar industrial solutions company strategically positioned to support the critical need for renewable solar energy generation in the United States. Formed in August 2009, Solar Trust of America is actively engaged in the southwestern U.S. in development and construction of utility-size solar thermal power plants that employ proven, highly efficient and commercially viable solar thermal technology.

Solar Trust of America currently has nine (9) proposed Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants in advanced stages of development in California and Nevada, with each plant capable of generating approximately 250 megawatts (MW) of electricity, or enough electricity to power 80,000 homes and businesses for one year. Combined, these state-of-the-art power plants represent more than 2,000MW of electricity generating capacity.

Solar Trust's global business partners include Solar Millennium AG (www.solarmillennium.com), an international developer and supplier of parabolic trough collector technology used in powering solar thermal power plants; and Ferrostaal AG (www.ferrostaal-usa.com), a worldwide provider of industrial services and plant construction and engineering. Together these global partners bring best-in-class expertise and decades of experience in Project Development; Plant Layout Design; Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC); Supply Chain Management (SCM); Plant Operations and Management; ready access to large-scale project financing; and equity participation. Each company is contributing assets and technical expertise to the projects and is a shareholder in Solar Trust of America.

An integral component of Solar Trust of America's operations in the southwestern U.S. is its wholly owned project development subsidiary, Solar Millennium, LLC, of Berkeley, California.  As one of the world's leading developers of solar thermal power plant technology, the subsidiary holds power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Southern California Edison (SCE) for delivery of electricity over a 20-year period. In Palen, California, Solar Trust and Solar Millennium have proposed the development and construction of two 250 MW solar thermal power plants representing a combined 500 MW of electricity generation capacity. They are expected to commence commercial operation in 2013. And in Ridgecrest, California, the companies have proposed development and construction of one 250 MW solar thermal power plant which is also expected to commence commercial operation in 2013.

In addition, the companies have proposed the development and construction of four 250 MW solar thermal power plants in Blythe, California representing a combined 1000 MW of electricity generation capacity. They are expected to commence commercial operation in 2013.

In March 2009 Solar Millennium, LLC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nevada Energy for development and construction of two 250 MW solar thermal power plants on a single site in the Amargosa Valley near Las Vegas. In November 2009 the company committed to employing its innovative "dry cooling" technology to reduce water consumption by 90 percent over its previous power plant proposal.

Each of the proposed solar thermal power plants in California and Nevada are valued at more than $1 billion each. In late 2009 these plants were granted "Fast Track" status by the U.S. Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and are currently under regulatory review by BLM and the California Energy Commission.

Solar Trust embraces U.S. federal and state government policies and initiatives to provide significant infrastructure investments, job creation and supplier opportunities in renewable energy, such as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the U.S. Department of Energy's Loan Guarantee Program for renewable energy projects. The company has applied for investment tax credits and other incentives under these programs and expects to start construction on its California projects by December 2010.


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Federal regulators are nearing final approval of what would be the largest solar power plant in the world, a milestone that sets a new standard for the industry and marks a major advancement in the Obama administration's efforts to expand renewable energy production nationwide.

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Tentative approvals for two massive solar projects planned for public land east of the Coachella Valley could create hundreds of construction jobs in the next few years and serve as a springboard for long-term development, drawing green technology companies and manufacturers to the region.

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solar trust of america’s blythe power plant project receives cec recommendation


Solar Trust of America today announced that its project development subsidiary, Solar Millennium, LLC, has received a proposed decision from the California Energy Commission (CEC) granting the license to build and operate its Blythe Solar Power Project (BSPP) in Riverside County, which would be the largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) facility in the world.

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The devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico dramatically raises the stakes in confronting the challenges we face in balancing America's energy needs with protecting its precious natural resources.

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california public utilities commission approves power purchase agreement for two 242 mw power plants


Solar Trust of America today announced that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved a power purchase agreement between Solar Millennium's American project development unit Solar Millennium LLC, and the US energy provider Southern California Edison (SCE) for two 242-megawatt (MW) solar power plants planned in California.

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Solar Trust of America

America at a Critical Crossroads

Domestic demand for power is growing faster than the current energy infrastructure can produce and deliver.

The sun radiates enough energy in forty minutes to supply the world's entire power needs for a year, we just have to harness it. The southwestern region of the United States offers the highest quality solar radiation, population and availability of land resources required to build and operate multiple solar thermal power plants.

Solar thermal energy is critical to ensuring a sustainable future for America. With multiple solar thermal power plants currently in development, under construction or in operation around the world, solar energy has demonstrated its viability and reliability and is establishing itself as a leading alternative to conventional fossil fuel power production.

Solar Trust is strategically positioned to support the critical need for renewable solar energy generation in the United States. With thousands of completed, fully-funded industrial projects in its business partner portfolio worldwide, it has the consolidation, integration and operational management expertise to build and power America's energy needs into the next millennium. The company expects to set the benchmark for utility-size facilities of this type and capacity and be at the forefront in powering America's future.

The time is right for Solar Trust's technology. The U.S. marketplace is ready for Solar Trust's fully integrated concentrated solar power (CSP) solution that draws upon the distinct competitive advantages of its global business and finance partners' expertise in large-scale project development and execution. And America's consumers are ready and willing to embrace the benefits of environmentally friendly solar-generated power.

So stay tuned and visit our site often. Because America's energy future is about to get much brighter!